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2018 Rules

'A' Division Schedule

'AA' Division Schedule

'AAA' Division Schedule

'AAAA' Division Schedule



2017 Basketball Results

A Boys Champions:                                                 Finalists:

A Girls Chamption:                                                 Finalists:

AA Boys  Champs: St. Peter                                     Finalist: St. PiusX

AA Girls  Champs: St. PiusX                                    Finalist: St. Patrick Caledonia

AAA Boys Champions: Sacred Heart Paris                Finalists: St. Cecelia

AAA Girls Champions: Sacred Heart Langton           Finalists: Sacred Heart Paris

AAAA Boys  Champs: St. Joseph                              Finalist: Our Lady of Providence

AAAA Girls   Champs: Our Lady of Providence         Finalist: Jean Vanier